Our Jihad: Our Struggle

Wasalamalaikum, it’s indeed true that Allah (swt) hears and answers our prayers. Prayer nurtures the heart and makes its light our reality through which we become more patient and unconditionally loving. The sense of immediacy in our wants in time or space no longer matters because we are certain the believers’ souls needs are met in this world and the next inshAllah, they are taken care of, this is a divine promise. A soul who loves its Source in this way and cultivates this love in the purest sense becomes a beautiful, moving, blessed soul. Sincere prayer takes us to that inner place inshAllah, it keeps us attuned to what transcendently matters: the defeat of our own ego’s darkness.

The greatest pain is caused by our lack of alignment with divine love, but this can be resolved and this is what life here is about. It is about that peculiar awakening which brings us to the door of humility and gentleness so that the soul can experience its prostrating state in the freest way, this is our Jihad, our Struggle to become true human beings.

I must say it’s a delight to remember the promise of Allah (swt), it turns us into simple witnesses of all occurrences al hamdulillah. This reminds me of some verses of “Golden Corridor” (a poem that I wrote a few years ago) that say: “Secretly each form is a flute that only He can play, we become the celestial music as a response to the grace, in each He blows impartially, no one is a doer here! We are only witnessing…”

Beyond all the corruption and misery we are exposed to on this Earth, we individually can will to journey through life with the spirit of Surrender in mind. Thus the world would reflect our harmonious inner state and would become a very beautiful place for all of mankind.

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure


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