Atoms of Praise

Lights out… wo! Light gets in…
The lover’s head always bows
when Mercy’s particles near,
he rejoices at their familiarity,
and his inner eye opens
to the latitude within,
worlds step out of
his chest to dance with
the atoms of praise.
The Pen inscribes the Shahada
upon his prostrating soul,
and Mary (as) nearby
cuddles his fears until
they vanish in beauty…
Love is the quiet kiss laid
upon the corner of his lips
while he recites the Qur’an,
angels wings flutter over him
to gently pull him toward
the tenderness he is made of,
he is loved in ways
he has yet to fathom.
He stands there in ripples
arising from his own center,
swirling he mumbles all he hears:
“Allahu Akbar!
Sit by this feeling
in your heart, it is the Truth.”

copyrights 2007 Aida Toure


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