I painted my next Piece to Yohosame’s Music

Wasalamalaikum, I have been exploring oil paint and I immensely enjoy it because color goes a long way, it sort of allowed me to uncover new layers of depth to the canvas… Oil takes longer to dry so I’m spending even more time on my pieces now! InshAllah soon, I’m going to post the pictures of the painting I have been working on entitled “La Romance des Mondes“… It was inspired from a Sufi poem I composed in French. I painted it while listening to the music of a gifted Muslim musician named Yohosame. Those who feel deeply spiritual music should check him out on myspace, his sense of musicality is out of this world and it will move you like some Sound you heard in the farthest place, a dim memory from Way before … personally, its fluidity reminds me of prayer, contemplation, not-being… al hamdulillah! When music’s true purpose is honored, it can be one of the most beautiful experience to discover it as it enhances our grace!


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One response to “I painted my next Piece to Yohosame’s Music

  1. laura

    Yohosame is a wonderful soul who truly leads a beautiful and spiritual life…..its no surprise that his work inspires….kudos and love…..

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