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Behind the Voice

Wasalamalaikum. I was having a conversation earlier with a soul dear to me, we were speaking about the voice and its mysterious manifestations. I think that the voice is a transparent veil to the soul, every emotional state transpires through the voice even when we think we can dissimulate them. Being a lover of silence, I tend to get to know people by just listening to their voices (and not necessarily the words because they don’t always express what we truly feel) so the voice to me is it because it is life, it conveys the Breath and all the treasures-currents inherent to our soul.

I met one of my closest friends over the internet years ago. When we first spoke on the phone, his voice was so gentle, calm and soft, it was just easy to attune to him because he was clear so I knew right then we would be beautiful friends. I also have a friend whose voice is kind of restless and overwhelming and he often complains about having the impression that people shy way from him, so it’s true that the energies our voice carries matter.

The way a person’s voice conveys the Breath can also reveal much about the harmony or chaos in their lives, that’s why I always advice on breathing well, slow and deep whenever we can, preferably when alone so that we stay focused longer. Doing this exercise helps clarify any fogginess in us, it also allows us to be aware of the dormant negative feelings we may have and to work on them which eventually betters the quality of our lives and relationships with others.

copyrights 2007 Aida Touré


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