Awesome African Art

Wasalamalaikum, I just came across this wonderful gallery of African art! It is so refreshing to see all these colors that seem to celebrate Light itself… My attraction to arts (music, poetry, painting) has always been triggered by Colors. I remember as a child in Gabon, being surrounded by the most beautiful, colorful landscapes that intrigued me so deeply about the form and formlessness of the Creation, all this through colors that I perceived as pure vessels for light. It stimulated my young mind to just reflect upon these little miracles.

Subconsciously throughout the creative process of painting, the influence of my Soninké, Peulh and Eshira cultures transpires. The combination of colors is never deliberate it just occurs as a natural part of my roots. The Islamic themes captured are always the driven energy when I paint and as they manifest I can progressively see tones of my African cultures impose themselves in the midst of those visual praising of Allah (swt).

Indeed I’m grateful for the cultural diversity my parents exposed me to growing up, it has shaped my identity and has deeply influenced my work that never fits in in just one category which sometimes confounds the label-driven bureaucrats by the way …lol… I just love the vibrant colors in African Art, pure reflections of the Motherland’s warmth!


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Filed under Gabon, Oil Painting, Visual Arts

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