Sufi Poetry in French

Salamalaikum, recently I have gotten emails from French speaking sisters and brothers from different corners of the world who inquire about the French version of my books of poetry. Because most of the poems are composed in English, I’m sometimes reluctant to translate them as it feels as if I were “altering” them so I tend to want to leave them in the original language they were written in. Yet since there is a demand for French translation, I was compelled to start the meticulous task to translate the poems while trying to preserve the original work’s integrity…

I’m also gathering a collection of the few poems originally composed in French. I hope to render the French version of Umanifest Poems available soon too inshAllah. I haven’t had the chance to work on it as I would have wanted but I’m slowly getting back to it. So to all my French speaking brothers and sisters out there, thank you for your emails and patience.

Speaking of Sufi poetry in French, there is a poet “Good Gee” who writes beautiful! I came across his work after he sent me an email about the release of his book last year. I really enjoyed his work!


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