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Arabic Calligraphy

Salaams. I like to share arts that I come across and that have this rare uplifting spirit to it. One thing about such work is that no matter how many times you lay your eyes on it, the effect remains the same, it transports you like a gentle breeze carrying the Word.

There is this young calligrapher, Abd el Malik Nounouhi, whose work has this effect on me, the sensitivity and poetic quality of his art is truly majestic. What I enjoy the most is the quietness of its discourse… His work reminds me bit of Hassan Massoudi’s…


2 thoughts on “Arabic Calligraphy

  1. Hey, just found your blog. Very cool, i like what youre doing. I’m actually working on a big poetry-through-calligraphy project right now myself.
    Abd al-Malik’s work is beautiful, however in my opinion borrows a little too heavily from Massoudy’s style. He has developed such a distinctive style, that when a clearly gifted artist like Abd al-Malik comes along, his work is overshadowed and outshined by the planetary pull of Massoudy. Bottom line, great art, but the style is far to reminiscent of H.M. in my opinion.

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