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Marundu’s Thousand Veils

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Salaams all, I had been away for a little while as my schedule has been hectic but I hope to be able to post more frequently inshAllah.

I also completed a new oil painting entitled “Marundu’s Thousand Veils”. I wanted to do something with the “Veil” theme to celebrate head covering. I have noticed that for materialists, it is one of the main reasons they despise Islam as they claim “the veil” is a sign of oppression of Muslim women which is strange I think because head covering relates to modesty, to the value of one self’s beauty. Besides, head covering is an old tradition that has been observed for eons in many cultures and this beyond gender and religions.

Growing up in Gabon, I can’t even count the number of women I saw wearing head scarves without even being Muslim yet they observed modesty and were graceful! So I painted this piece for this reason: to honor all the modest women on all continents who beautifully wear their veils or head scarves in face of all the prejudice they encounter at the work place, in educative institutions or wherever superficial, uncultured persons can not stand another people’s refusal to be whatever alien forces want them to be… On the part of materialists, this simply is an intolerance of a divinely appointed phenomenon: diversity.

There is also an inner meaning to the “Veil” theme in this painting: the mysteries of existence are hidden from our physical eyes yet the soul is immersed in those mysteries which can become perceptible by the Will of The Divine only. When this occurs, all the concealing “veils” lift and at last, we behold the true blissful Reality… so the “Thousand Veils” here symbolizes abundance, unraveling spiritual ecstasy, “dying before death”, the continual process of false ego dissolution for the surrendered ones.

Also I must explain “Marundu”! “Marundu” is the name of a Princess in my maternal culture. I used “Marundu” in this piece’s title as an allegory for the soul as it innately is royal due to its properties, attributes and its origin.

The poem that inspired “Marundu’s Thousand Veils” can be read here and the entire painting is here… and the song on myspace.

Many blessings to all.

Copyright 2008 Aida Toure.