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Like a Veiled Woman

Her DoorThe soul is like a veiled Woman, elusive, graceful and kind; generous in her gestures of love, she receives the treasures the Source of life offers with such abundance, centers in her proximity open to be quenched by the constant sublimity she lets out… She is a door through which Paradise leaps in and out in quest of other lovers to lavish… Don’t we all secretly exist to know The Divine who breathed of Itself into our selves with such Love we cannot stop longing for Its Kiss?

Being involves receptiveness, this natural position of the soul can only pull us toward knowing Love. A soul who knows Love is quietly receptive to its lover’s presence, its state of being is a constant smile over the lover, an unending nurturing no space nor time can dissuade. When such love flows between beings, words and physicality seem so superfluous, even irrelevant…

(c) 2008 Aida Toure.

“And enter thou My Paradise!” ~89: 30 Holy Qur’an

Spiritual Art

Tulane University’s Annual Symposium (Exhibit)

Exhibiting artworks created by artists from the Muslim World and the United States, Tulane University’s Annual Symposium “Relations Between the U.S. and the Islamic World” create a channel of communication bridging the gap. This exhibit will help introduce the contemporary artworks created by Muslim artists to the American people and art community.

Payson Center for International Development and Technology Transfer, Tulane University is delighted to host the First International Art Exhibit as part of the Second Annual Symposium on the Relations Between the United States and the Islamic World. The exhibition will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2008 from 8:30am to 5:30pm in Tulane University Center, Kendall Cram Lecture Hall.

The First International Art Exhibit features diverse works by contemporary artists from different backgrounds. The exhibition aims to serve as a bridge between cultures and introduce to the New Orleans art community and the public unique international artistic experience. Different art styles from calligraphy to impressionism, realism and abstraction are represented in the exhibition. Artworks will be offered for sale and 30% will be donated for the Payson Center to support its mission.

The art exhibit is curated by Haitham Eid and sponsored by the Payson Center for International Development and Technology Transfer, Tulane University. Beside the art exhibit lectures, workshops, music and entertainment will be offered. Admission is free to the public.