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Open Door to Infinity

As microcosms of the Macrocosm, our alignment with The Divine One is innate. Whether we preserve it and live our lives from our higher nature or whether we act from our lower nature is all up to us. The say of the world as an institution does not matter, because the soul does not recognize nor abide by it. It purely is natural to resist the perversion of our light, it is indeed our right to resist the negative energies that were condensed into systematizations that dishonor the Divine Order of Life. Yes the soul does not conform to falsehood! Now if we do, it is our own choice, our own ignorance expressing itself. To breathe the sacred Breath year after year on this Earth and not use it to seek the Highest form of Ambrosia is a waste of time and energy, life is most precious as the authentic measure of success will be determined by standards the world does not dare to evoke, mention nor reflect out of its own backwardness. By feeling threatened by such standards, the world has isolated itself from love, it has locked itself into the prison we are now seeing. Founded to despiritualize, our current institutions can never prepare mankind to reclaim their attributed grace, majesty and freedom therefore some works we must do on our own … the Mind is an open door to Infinity, the Universe is within… We must remember this.

copyright 2008 Aïda Touré

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Blessings of Marriage

giftMarriage is the seed that grows watered by consciousness. A woman and a man who connect from that conscious space naturally gravitate toward one another, they revolve around one another and reap the grace within their love as long as they both remain conscious and focused on their individual and common purpose. True marriage is a teacher of ultimate balance, as it gathers the dualities of all existence through two souls who interact and intertwine on those levels that are accessible to them according to their degree of awakening.

The rose of marriage is love, it keeps the union fragrant and leaning toward Light itself. In a true marriage the quintessential dynamic reposes upon giving, love seeks to give first, and in the giving, the lower self withers, thus the way is clear to behold the spiritual attributes that constitute our being… this is what makes the union between a man and woman purposeful, it is inviting of their respective full potential, their soul’s qualities and each mate serves as a mirror to the other, mutually reflecting their growth as well as the difficulties that can come with evolving.

In order to experience such love, we need to understand our deepest needs, our emotions, longings and most of all our selves. If we are not in touch with those yet, it’s wiser to be patient and nurture ourselves instead of rushing into marriage seeking to be nurtured by someone else with not much depth to bring to them. Let love take the time it needs to offer itself, there is no such thing as isolation in this Universe, eventually love always finds us, yet we need to inwardly prepare for it. A healthy marriage reflects peace, integrity, compassion, reliance, trust, tolerance, forgiveness, patience, selflessness and generosity. It is important to learn to cultivate those qualities that would lead to a harmonious atmosphere between husband and wife before bringing children in the world.

© 2008 Aïda Touré

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Divine Unity

Bismillah… there are parted curves of being yet spiritual emotions flow from body to body, from breath to breath, do you see our oneness? There are infinite ways to experience this, just like the kiss that conveys the Sun’s secrets to the lovers… Now the poets’ pen lays on the floor, souls departed from the world, yet another child will be birthed to hold that same pen, to know that same Breath that squeezes out the same old golden ink! My love, do you see the continuity in all this? Observe the leaf fall from its branch, gracefully and with perfection, only to remind you of your own constant fall in Surrender~Islam wherever you are, there is no escaping from this bliss! I wish I could sit by you and count with you these myriads of glittering Pearls here, there, within, without, everywhere, exhibiting how wild and cosmic this intimacy is! Gather your true self and come, hold some hand, leap inside of this sweet, sweet Music our souls shed, attune my dear, embrace your own light, it is all yours to love! Come and let us move beyond the outward lines eyes see, it is but illusion, Ruh (as) weaves our connectedness without any interruption… and time stands still… copyright 2008 Aïda Touré