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Virtues of Slow Rhythm & Stillness

The prosperity of the soul is conditioned by rhythm, the slower our rhythm the more harmonious our life, our aspirations and our being. All of life manifests by a myriad of rhythms: our world, which is institutionalized to accommodate the boisterous ego and to tame the spiritual soul, mirrors a fast rhythm which results in disconnection, chaos, a very tangible condition of our dimension.

Every soul has the capacity to choose which rhythm to tune to and to channel, the key to such an accomplishment is the breath. If the breath is in harmony with the currents of the soul, its rhythm manifests outwardly in a peaceful, slow fashion; when it does, that state of consciousness is aligned with all life which is experienced as its own self. All healing and revelation only begin after we have adopted slow rhythm which allows the brain to vibrate on higher frequencies; thus it can mirror the Love~Light that pervades the Cosmos. Suffering, pain, failures are meant to tilt us into a slower rhythm, once we do, we awaken to our authentic Nature, to our qualities, our gifts, our true self and inner Voice: our Hidden Treasure; which reminds me of this sacred saying of Prophet Muhammad (saw): “Whoever knows oneself, knows one’s Lord.”

A spontaneous teacher of slow rhythm between human beings is Love. Love pulls us toward one another so that we learn to cultivate the deeper, nobler vibration of Life which is gentleness: its cultivation should endure and be projected beyond the object of our Love, it should perpetually expand until we shed our selves, our forms. Thus the eventual outcome of slow rhythm is stillness, the station wise souls blossom in and dance in and out of. The mastering of slow rhythm and stillness is the highest form of activity. The first condition to know one’s self and to accomplish the soul’s authentic works in this life, is to reclaim one’s slow rhythm. The usurping system of our world imposes a fast rhythm to mankind so that the life force is oppressed, which implies subjugation for exploitative purposes, dis-empowerment, complete amnesia of our higher identity and thus separation from our Source.

(c) 2008 Aïda Touré