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A Poem by an Unknown Friend

Wasalamalaikum, greetings of peace. I’m going to do something unusual today: I want to share a poem by an unknown friend named Abuzuhri. By coincidence I came across his poem “Embracing Majesty Veiling of Beauty :” written with such sensitivity, it really moved me. I tried to get in contact with him to let him know but to no avail… Maybe one day he’ll come across this post inshAllah… I must say Beauty is indeed the language that lovers speak, with no word, they converse with one another in their own secret way, and we stare baffled by the undulations of their spacious proximity… thank you Abuzuhri…

Embracing Majesty
Veiling of Beauty :

“A stranger, poet, wayfarer
masterless samurai, chun tzi,
teahut attendant, student of rumi
chinese tea admirer
hafiz faraway disciple
keeper of tao teh ching
friend of kemala, edita
larra, khalil gibran, goethe
aida toure, eva hanim…

O those who yearn for
an image of sensory shadow
we desire not fame
power possession
love, praise or recognition
but a spirit that soar
into the realm of meanings
rekindle secrets of past
renewing the lights that
fall unto our path and
garden of contemplation
how my pen are broken
my brush stroke astray
but the pure echo remains !”

by Abuzuhri

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Contemplation & Love

contemplateTo be alone with oneself, to find one’s center and to learn to enter it at will is the greatest savior anyone can have. We tend to look outside of ourselves for sentiments of comfort and peace yet the reservoir to such luxury is within and it is limitless. Everyone possesses it and how beautiful it is! The soul by nature is nurturing therefore it constantly calls toward itself in the quietest way, we are the Soul’s guests, it ever invites us to feast at its table of delicacies and when it does everything stops!

Being a giver comes from that innate state of love, women embody it with such ease because they are the pure soul manifest; light itself hangs on to women through the womb, the physical receptacle of Mercy… There also is a spiritual feminine state that pervades existence, and this state is expressed in all, it is the expression of calm and refinement, some men do celebrate that spiritual state, they are attuned to their authentic nature. I think this is what we should teach children from the youngest age, we must show them it is regal to be oneself, to be a soul of fine feeling that has no fear of its capacity to feel, no fear of its own latitude, with nothing to restrain its own depth. Stillness hides the Treasure humans seek in external, material sources; contemplation heals and gathers us, it is the way to fulfilling our full potential as souls…

© 2008 Aïda Touré

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Corridor of Gracefulness

graceskyGrace is the quality of manifesting beauty, every soul innately possesses it yet by conforming to the disharmonious ways of society, we tend to lose our grace as we abide by materialistic, coarse standards of life that distract us from our true whole selves. The further away from conformism, attachment, and fear of the fast-paced life of compulsion, the greater our grace and refinement. Often, in regions remote from materialistic society are found deeply evolved graceful people, it’s ironic that at some point in history they were labeled as “uncivilized” when they, in fact, are most cultured and civilized as their peaceful ways toward other beings and Natures suggest.

In this age, one great impediment to grace is the widespread rigidity imposed on us by the usurping establishment. Besides those who strive to preserve their grace (those who consciously resist all forms of societal imposition), I have found that the most graceful beings seem to be babies, children and the elderly, which is interesting because they respectively represent the pure soul who has just come to experience the world or who is preparing to exit the world to mingle anew with the majesty of Subtlety. Thus, grace is primordial, it is the consequence of spiritual Surrender; our natural state. One who has grace is most gentle as such a soul is in harmony with the peaceful atmosphere of the highest spheres, by just being itself it contributes to an essential aspect of evolution within the collectivity … so let us re~cultivate the heart that leads through the corridor of gracefulness

© 2008 Aïda Touré