Contemplation & Love

contemplateTo be alone with oneself, to find one’s center and to learn to enter it at will is the greatest savior anyone can have. We tend to look outside of ourselves for sentiments of comfort and peace yet the reservoir to such luxury is within and it is limitless. Everyone possesses it and how beautiful it is! The soul by nature is nurturing therefore it constantly calls toward itself in the quietest way, we are the Soul’s guests, it ever invites us to feast at its table of delicacies and when it does everything stops!

Being a giver comes from that innate state of love, women embody it with such ease because they are the pure soul manifest; light itself hangs on to women through the womb, the physical receptacle of Mercy… There also is a spiritual feminine state that pervades existence, and this state is expressed in all, it is the expression of calm and refinement, some men do celebrate that spiritual state, they are attuned to their authentic nature. I think this is what we should teach children from the youngest age, we must show them it is regal to be oneself, to be a soul of fine feeling that has no fear of its capacity to feel, no fear of its own latitude, with nothing to restrain its own depth. Stillness hides the Treasure humans seek in external, material sources; contemplation heals and gathers us, it is the way to fulfilling our full potential as souls…

© 2008 Aïda Touré


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