A Poem by an Unknown Friend

Wasalamalaikum, greetings of peace. I’m going to do something unusual today: I want to share a poem by an unknown friend named Abuzuhri. By coincidence I came across his poem “Embracing Majesty Veiling of Beauty :” written with such sensitivity, it really moved me. I tried to get in contact with him to let him know but to no avail… Maybe one day he’ll come across this post inshAllah… I must say Beauty is indeed the language that lovers speak, with no word, they converse with one another in their own secret way, and we stare baffled by the undulations of their spacious proximity… thank you Abuzuhri…

Embracing Majesty
Veiling of Beauty :

“A stranger, poet, wayfarer
masterless samurai, chun tzi,
teahut attendant, student of rumi
chinese tea admirer
hafiz faraway disciple
keeper of tao teh ching
friend of kemala, edita
larra, khalil gibran, goethe
aida toure, eva hanim…

O those who yearn for
an image of sensory shadow
we desire not fame
power possession
love, praise or recognition
but a spirit that soar
into the realm of meanings
rekindle secrets of past
renewing the lights that
fall unto our path and
garden of contemplation
how my pen are broken
my brush stroke astray
but the pure echo remains !”

by Abuzuhri http://abuzuhri.blogspot.com/


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One response to “A Poem by an Unknown Friend

  1. Aaminah Hernandez

    Salaams. So lovely, mashaAllah! Thank you for sharing. I will have to check out his blog! I hope he sees your post and contacts you.

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