Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga

Greetings of Peace, I composed “Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga” in two phases, it was one of the most pleasant creative processes… the song is an homage to the human souls who reclaim the Tradition of Light, their treasure: the spirituality that has always been the reality of all Creation; this spirituality which gave birth to excellence in all advanced civilizations and which has been coveted by dark forces for eons, this spirituality that clothes all living things, that spark without which nothing could evolve, that elusive yet powerful spark without which no one could exist, whether consciously or unconsciously…

“Tehuti’s Gems to Dinga” evokes the spiritual transmission of this most precious spark which is ongoing since our precosmic condition, the prophets (as) gracefully spoke of it… la  ilaha illa Allah…  This luminous tradition cannot be extinct and is an heritage to all as it is sustained by The Almighty (purity be on Him/Her)… it’s only natural that we return to this tradition through the cycle of life and the greater Life which is commonly known as “death”…

In Soninké, my paternal culture/dialect, “Dinga” can be translated as “King”. Dinga is the ancestor of the Soninké people, he migrated from the Nile Valley to West Africa. In the context of this musical composition “Dinga” is an allegory for the innate state of spiritual royalty of mankind… Toward such a state of humble highness, let all of humankind converge; especially those who encourage the usurping unlawful system and the harm it has caused to Nature, Children and Mankind…

(c) 2008 Aïda Touré


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