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A Love like the Sun

© 2011 Aida Toure

Perched on the ego’s perception, experiences unfold with such turbulence, life loses its vibrancy in the eye of the wounded heart. Love remains a mystery to many of us, as it evolves through the different phases of our consciousness, with each transformation that we go through…

The higher our vibratory frequency, the deeper our capacity to experience love, which itself is in its purest form through the state of being, through presence; love is not spoken yet it deeply is expressive, it doesn’t flirt with noise nor chaos, it doesn’t cultivate nor nurture vice, it always reflects virtue… A true love is like the Sun: it just is, it offers itself constantly with the quiet intent to help evolve.

On this Earth, the rare beings who express love in this manner are most admired yet at the same time most feared by their peers, this unbalanced sentiment often aimed at those lovers creates an aura of “aloofness” and intensity around them while spiritual intimacy is their activity, they seem to stand alone even amid crowds… they revel in the majesty of Silence, they are elusive yet present, they just accomplish their task without any distraction nor expectation for gratitude, indeed such a love is like the Sun…  the reward for such manifested love is with The Divine only…

In homage of the suns in human form who touched my life…

© 2009 Aïda Touré


2 thoughts on “A Love like the Sun

  1. Mashallah Aida, your writing is so beautiful and elequent.Thanks so much for your blog and inspiration.

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