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Fallacy of Competition

The negative energy of competition reflects the culture of materialism. Instilled in us from a young age by educative institutions, this culture serves the elitist system’s agenda whose prosperity depends on exclusion and destruction of fellow beings. This type of functioning based upon fear and covetousness cripples the spirit of abundance and generosity that originally constitutes us, it imposes a false notion that erodes many people’s natural potential because the greatest oppression is the oppression we subject our inner selves to. Competition is a manifestation of the ego’s crudeness and misery, therefore it represents a fierce oppression to the soul of the one who practices it.

In a Universe that comprises more than a hundred billion galaxies, there is no place for competition because everything, every atom has a specific and unique purpose, every inanimate and animate thing has its definite task, its form of expression and way of being; all permitted out of magnanimity, all ordained by The Divine One. So in such a vast reality, why contract and oppress oneself by fearing others’ expansion and attempt to interfere with such a natural process?

Considering the cosmic order of existence helps see the fallacy of competition, there is no such thing as that, it is a materialistic notion… Unfortunately this false notion continues to cause such destruction: I have seen it cause the death of innocent children in families, I have seen it destroy blood ties, friendships and even couples and it is so sad because we perpetuate it with such force it is systemic as it is visible in all fields of life. Like automatons we perpetuate the false standards of unlawful systematization and it causes such harm and regression which eventually come back to those who practice it.

We do have the capability to transform this oppressive energy and to find our fullness, once we do, we stop functioning based on fear because that’s what competition is, it is fear of others’ expansion, fear of others’ prosperity, how toxic this can be! Isn’t it wiser to focus on one’s own development, that way, instead of coveting others’ richness we rather learn to discover our own,  we learn to uncover more of our innate treasures; everyone has some! We do benefit from the Universe’s perpetual expansion, so why fear our fellow creatures’ one? It’s backward to observe such unfruitful patterns as they clearly lead to self-destruction.

(c) 2009 Aïda Touré