Art is Bliss’ Remnants

Al hamdulillah il rabil al Amin, Art is a quiet revering of The Hidden… through the intimacy of creativity, we trace the unknown yet the nearest, wholeheartedly, without any condition nor any usual man-made boundary, we celebrate The Most Sublime who left imprints of Herself/Himself through our breath. Art reveals itself to adorn the journey of the spiritually aware, the humble seekers, the refined lovers; those ones who have learned to vanish and re~appear through the Veil woven between matter and pure spirit… Art is the soul’s whisper relating of the glimpses it captures amid its immersion in Hu, Art is that sacred! The experience of such luxurious frenzy is for those who no longer have anything to say after some tender, unexpected Visit left them amazed! Those silenced ones who exist eyes and ears closed to allow the Eye and the Ear to relate of their pre~cosmic Glow. Art is for those whose senses flirt with Stillness and Breath, alternately… Art is Bliss’ remnants making themselves known to pull us even more toward the Unknown… Therefore we explore, allowing the invisible hand to lead us wherever it may…

(c) 2009 Aïda Touré



Filed under Contemporary Islamic Art, Inner Reality, Islam, Poesie Soufie, poesie visuelle, Spiritual Art, Spirituality, Sufi Poetry, Sufi Prose, Sufism, Tasawwuf, Visual Arts

2 responses to “Art is Bliss’ Remnants

  1. awakeningart

    Salaams Sister,
    Masha-Allah, what beautiful words.
    Its been a while since i visited you blog, but i’m so pleased i did, as i have really enjoyed reading all your posts.

    Till the next time ia,
    Umm Aisha

  2. Malaikum Salam & thanks Sister Aisha, al hamdulillah!

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