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Away from the Periphery of Being

There always comes a time when one must leave one’s lower self in order to embrace one’s true being, the higher self. When the soul longs to manifest its beauty, it is shattering, no one can resist it so it pulls one to its experience of constant merging with the Divine Reality: Bliss in its purest form. There is such glory to existing away from the periphery of being to near the Center, and delve deeper into who we are instead of existing distracted by surface illusions that desensitize us and even oppress our spiritual sense. The soul fiercely is averse to dis~harmony, chaos, false hierarchy, corruption, compulsion and any kind of oppression which unfortunately all characterize the many structures of our dimension… yet for those who are uncomfortable with all these structures, they must be fought with love and patient resolution. I think the more we evolve, the more obsolete these structures become and the less they will be able to sustain this cultural out-of-tuneness imposed upon mankind for centuries; we do not exist somewhere outside of Universal Law, we are not exempt of the responsibility that comes with being a particle of a cosmic, purposeful whole. We are not stagnant forces numbed by the schemes of falsehood; we are consciousness, always evolving toward knowing its Source anew and manifesting this knowingness which implies constant change, evolution, revolution with all the attributes revealing themselves in that sacred, loving process which makes life magnificent!

(c) 2009 Aïda Touré


2 thoughts on “Away from the Periphery of Being

  1. Je suis trés touchée par votre travail spirituel et artistique, c’est magnifique, et fellicitations!
    Je compose, moi aussi des poémes de méditations, aspirant au soufisme, et j’ai été peintre anterieurement.
    Votre travail me redonne de l’élan pour lier l’écriture à la peinture, car la frontiére entre les deux est subtile…
    Vivez vous actuellement à New york?
    Exposez vous actuellement en France?
    Je vous souhaite une bonne continuation, qu’Allah vous illumine de réussites et de joies.
    ça serait un réél plaisir pour moi de pouvoir communiquer avec vous, mais, libre à vous…
    Khadija/ Claire/ Tidjaniya

  2. Malaikum Salam Khadija et un grand merci pour votre commentaire. Je vais vous envoyer un email tres bientot inshAllah.

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