Painting “Kemet Incandescence” on Lonnie Plaxico’s New CD “Ancestral Devotion”

Lonnie Plaxico’s new album entitled “Ancestral Devotion” has just been released. It is an incredibly rich Jazz record that I think anyone who is into spiritual culture would enjoy, you may listen to excerpts of this gem and purchase it here. I must say there is one track on the CD that particularly moved me deep, it is “Nile River Valley”…  I did the painting “Kemet Incandescence” for “Ancestral Devotion” album cover. The creation of the piece was very much influenced by Africa’s ancient art; the painting process was quite an experience as it has allowed me to celebrate the sacred feminine in my African cultures in another way which I want to delve deeper into… you may see the entire painting and read more about it here.

[rockyou id=136562140&w=426&h=320]

Lonnie Plaxico at work:


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