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Sphere of KUN~

Light of Peace. The past few months have been ones of retreat, my most familiar mode… During that time, I was able to complete my upcoming musical album that I intend to release hopefully before the end of this year inshAllah. I also was elated to discover another art form that completely captivated me as it came! I hope to reveal it soon inshAllah. I also completed some paintings whose conception was very different… I just need to organize and make space for those new projects to come out.

I revere the sacred process within creativity, it’s one blissful reality that I have no control whatsoever over and I’m deeply fulfilled with it which tends to make me shun any form of external attention, validation or recognition. However I honor the duty to share anything that may contribute to the human soul’s nurturing… just like many beings contributed to nurturing me. We never know what may ignite the dormant Spark in one’s center so for this reason, we must share those graceful vibrations that come to us, effortlessly, as they just offer themselves to us, through the sphere of KUN~, al hamdulillah il rabil alamin. In truth we have no say in inspiration nor in any of the phenomena that the Universe lets out and allows our names to take credits for. Everything we make already exists in veiled dimensions…

Even when I’m away from the cyber world, I receive all the kind emails sent my way, thank you. I’m going to reply to each one of you.