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Jewelry Line~Wearable Paintings

Peace & Bliss, for months I have been working on a new form of art derived from my traditional visual Sufi poems. I wanted to make smaller-sized pieces yet I also had a peculiar approach… While still being collectible, I also wanted these pieces to be wearable so I came up with this jewel~painting concept. At first I did one bracelet, and I thought the creative process with the use of new materials was so interesting and inspiring that I finally decided to make more because during exhibits ladies always ask me for smaller pieces.

I’m pleased to announce that the first collection of paintings-bracelets will soon be available through I’m still working on my traditional paintings that I’ll render viewable through so everyone subscribe to the feed.

I have found that the more I explore the purpose of Art, the more I find it mysterious and fulfilling at the same time because it involves self-dissolving which is a spiritual process always~

The mystics’ temperament inclines them toward inner activity: prayer~meditation because it dissolves them in the Nameless, this phenomenon is wildly peaceful, beautiful and unpredictable as well, it is beyond expression, words can’t touch it… that octave of meditation is but a state of being, it plunges one in silence as a way of sustenance and then whatever we do shows glimpses of that inner state… which is our collective soul state, everyone can access it as we all are spiritual representatives of Hu!

All praise is due to The Divine One.

2 thoughts on “Jewelry Line~Wearable Paintings

  1. Malaikum Salam Sister Aaminah, thanks I’m glad you like the idea! 🙂 At first it was more like an experiment lol but after seeing the outcome I thought about making a collection…

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