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Diumbi (Sun): Keeper of Secrets

~ Diumbi (Sun): Keeper of Secrets ~

Diumbi, robed with
your golden Nur, you reign.
For billions of years
you have stimulated the earth,
propelling the Black land
to celestial creativity
from Nubia to Timbuktu,
you have danced over the lakes
of our seven spheres,
pulling us toward HU!
You make our Harps
vibrate, O solar lamp
that transmits the Secrets
of Illumination!
Only scientists of the Milky Way
can comprehend the sonic hieroglyphs
of your sustenance!
Diumbi, servant of The Divine One,
you rise and set in a million prostrations
no eyes can detect;
you are the galactic pineal gland.
From Tehuti (as) to prophet Muhammad (saw)
you unify where false systems divide mankind,
you catalyse the enlightenment
of all mystics, throughout the ages
in all cultures and nations,
you have led the Way
in this constant transition,
you are the alchemist
behind the geniuses’ tradition.
Diumbi, sign of Tawhid,
your plasma stirs materialists
to the unified field.
And at last, we leap in
the revolutionary flux
of the prophets’ Light…

(c) 2009-2010 poetry & music composed by Aïda Touré. Video made for cultural & educational purpose only.

2 thoughts on “Diumbi (Sun): Keeper of Secrets

  1. Wonderful!

    U can hear The Sun Music, The Mind Music, The Earth/Heart Music.

    May The Keeper of Secrets bless u from the top to bottom of your Soul.

    Love Eternal.

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