Oil Painting · Spiritual Art · Visual Arts

After “Inner Treasures”

Aïda Touré |Inner Treasures exhibit © 2011 Aïda Touré

There is such wildness that comes with Art, no rules, no confining to any of the boundaries that usually are present when dealing with external matters. Even if there were rules in my creative process, I’m certain I would naturally break them all! Today, I’m happy to be tending to my canvases again, I missed it a lot; considering the preciousness of time, and the huge amount of work that awaits us, with each breath the summon to turn inward gets deeper! Just like the plant that leans toward Light, the heart leans toward its Bliss always.

I met many perceptive and sensitive people during the “Inner Treasures” exhibit, I learned that in everything the energy of Mercy matters most. Even amid the most unclear moments where negativity slips in, there, there will be a smile or a tender gaze aimed your way. I’m grateful for the interactions with the many during this experience, and even more with children whose impressions were so enriching to me!

The luxury in writing and painting for me is that they eliminate speech, one of my favorite phenomena: silence: just being. Love is the space where there is no misunderstanding caused by speech, there is no hidden agenda of the ego which brings to the language dimension, its volatility… so silence is best. And I love still…


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