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Softness: Royalty

My love, be strong enough to be soft, your quintessential nature. Softness is the outcome of Surrender which is authentic power. Softness is love, it is the soul’s language, that’s why children respond to gentle beings, they speak the same language.

Softness is a sign of evolution so be shamelessly soft, female or male, it does not matter; you want to be loved, deeply? Be soft and you will know love, its varied manifestations will flock to you, they will gravitate toward you like the planets gravitate toward the Sun for its cosmic softness, the highest warmth known to the material world.

One who is soft cultivates love, men are pulled toward women so that they might get acquainted anew with their own innate softness, that sort of attraction shows how deep we long to explore our soul’s refinement. Mastery of the soul’s softness leads to stillness. The worldly in its coarse state, interprets stillness as laziness or idleness yet the highest form of activity happens in stillness: observe the sages (as), they have fallen through the bottomless pit of their soul so this blissful experience has made them so soft, their very presence heals their fellow beings…

Thus let us be soft so that our lives conditions can improve, let us be love! One of the attributes of The Divine is Al Latif, “The Most Subtle”, your lips brush this name and your ego vanishes, you soften and instantly become Royalty~

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Rarely will we find humans who are kind just for the sake of being kind, for the sake of service to Beauty and all the nobility such dedication entails. The chaos on the globe is a reflection of this lack of kindness, it’s sad and disconcerting because it is more widespread than Love energy in spite of its glory being imbued in each phenomenon there is in the Universe yet humans’ lack of embrace of it causes such disharmony. Sometimes I sit here, pondering ways to make things better but beyond the responsibility of the individual to refine herself/himself into a gem what can be done if it doesn’t come from her/his innermost being itself? I’m writing this during a break I took from painting one of my most significant pieces ever… Tilting between the pure beauty of creative conception and the chaos of the world is painful. Right now, my thoughts are with the children of Ivory Coast, I know that it is only in the abundance of Light inside our hearts that Peace could prevail and spread outwardly wherever it is missing.