Rarely will we find humans who are kind just for the sake of being kind, for the sake of service to Beauty and all the nobility such dedication entails. The chaos on the globe is a reflection of this lack of kindness, it’s sad and disconcerting because it is more widespread than Love energy in spite of its glory being imbued in each phenomenon there is in the Universe yet humans’ lack of embrace of it causes such disharmony. Sometimes I sit here, pondering ways to make things better but beyond the responsibility of the individual to refine herself/himself into a gem what can be done if it doesn’t come from her/his innermost being itself? I’m writing this during a break I took from painting one of my most significant pieces ever… Tilting between the pure beauty of creative conception and the chaos of the world is painful. Right now, my thoughts are with the children of Ivory Coast, I know that it is only in the abundance of Light inside our hearts that Peace could prevail and spread outwardly wherever it is missing.


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Filed under Inner Reality, Save Africa, social justice

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