Sublimity to Mirror

I took a walk in my neighborhood and saw this!

In the past few days, I have experienced a very particular atmosphere, so exquisite I still can’t fully understand it.  Sometimes it’s best to just accept that it’s okay to not grasp something and to just bask in it. It’s rewarding to follow own one’s heart and to do what brings us joy, for only attuning to one’s own inner being can trigger fulfillment which ends up manifesting outwardly as well; what comes from the outside to us, be it people or situations, relationships  start within us first.

I also had one of the most heart-warming lessons ever about the impact of creativity: I’ve learned that whatever we think and nurture does expand and unfold beyond time, space in a way we can’t imagine and that this occurs with such precision it makes me feel humbled to even be… so this whole convergence of events has triggered some new musical compositions in me, I will release them soon…

One thing I know for sure is that what we do creates some sort of waves that affect other forms of life whence the importance to cultivate light so that love and not chaos is instilled in those who share this space with us. We may not even be aware of the effect of our thoughts and vibes, yet they’re real, the study of quantum speaks to this.

To the refined self, Beauty when seen is recognized because it is familiar to the soul always. I think its manifestations at some point can truly be overwhelming yet and still it makes my soul dance… and I say al hamdulillah! Live in the world and don’t dwell on the world’s darkness, your heart has some sublimity to mirror…

© 2011 Aïda Touré



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2 responses to “Sublimity to Mirror

  1. You are in happy place, Aida! I am glad. As one fat little poet once said …
    154. Unhappiness and Lies
    Know that,
    Unhappiness, is being lied to
    And believing the lies to be truths.
    It is the highest cup from the highest table in heaven that you are talking of, and it is the hardest thing to achieve. But little by little we drink, as our senses are awaken, taste by taste, to reveal the Love and Beauty that is God. ya Huuu!

    So I will take your advice and not dwell in the darkness.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts…


  2. Salam Taufiq, how are you? yes the happy place you’re referring to is Within, I think we awaken to it from being so disillusioned with the external world and its artifices…

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