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Ethereally Infinite

Ethereally Infinite © 2011 Aïda Touré

~ Ethereally Infinite ~

Permeating the Unseen
with all the Beauty
only you wear,
your source is divine,
soul filtering Light,
you are infinite,
your breath
fluttering on my lips,
and lo! I am free of the lonely
that caged my life
in this dense moment;
now on the edge of you…
this world drained me.

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Structurelessness, Love & Genius

structurelessnessThe systemic structures imposed on us limit us in this divine Soundscape we are experiencing. I must say structures are appropriate only when they respect the laws of Harmony, yet when they don’t they must collapse to make room for the paradigm that allows our innate immensity to manifest outwardly as well. There is such perfection to mere vastness, a heart that is wide open is like a window we can peek through to truly know the infinite scope of our intrinsic being, the Universe. I salute parents who raise their children to be wide open beings whose discernment won’t allow any so-called educator to instill fragmentation in them with the false sense of identity and fear that always follow it… this leads to restlessness and alienation from our true selves. I’m for complete structurelessness until the child is aware enough of his own inner life to make decisions on which structure s/he opts to embrace or create for her/himself. Everyone is unique, we shouldn’t all be compelled to abide by the same old structures that thwart mankind’s evolution.

As a teenager, when I felt the urge to find my own voice, I was compelled to opt for no structure at all, complete emptiness, so that I may explore life in alignment with my own sensitivity and senses and not the senses of anybody else. In that perspective, systematization can be cruel, it violates the integrity of the human being, requiring her/him to pursue endeavors that do not resonate with them. It causes a form of torment to the soul that has a strong sense of purpose while it experiences the material world. When there is no structure defined from any external source, we are free to wander our being and listen to its vibrations and thus we are harmonious and free without being forced to have our experience tainted by the predictability of rigid structure; everything is thus One again, clear, vivid as The Divine intended it to be and from this flows pure light and love…  I think that’s where the spirit of innovation comes from, that’s what genius is! All genius must leap beyond structure in order to fully live in tune with one’s own Center… this can not be taught from any external source, it can only come from the pure Freedom interiority offers…

© 2011 Aïda Touré

“A hollow bamboo becomes a flute and the divine starts playing it. Once you are empty then there is no barrier for the divine to enter in you… You need not become anything; simply realize who you are, that’s all. Simply realize who is hidden within you. Improving, whatsoever you improve, you will always be in anxiety and anguish because the very effort to improve is leading you on a wrong path. It makes the future meaningful, a goal meaningful, ideals meaningful, and then your mind becomes a desiring… Desiring, you miss. Let desiring subside, become a silent pool of non-desiring — and suddenly you are surprised, unexpectedly it is there. And you will have a belly laugh, as Bodhidharma laughed. What is to be practiced then? To be more and more at ease. To be more and more here and now. To be more and more in action, and less and less in activity. To be more and more hollow, empty, passive. To be more and more a watcher — indifferent, not expecting anything, not desiring anything. To be happy with yourself as you are. To be celebrating.” ~Osho