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Blue of My Orange

Blue of my Orange © 2011 Touré Aïda

On the Nur plane,
the presence of you
has a sura-like feel
to my ear.

You, lover of S/He
I sought you within;
silently, patiently,
I reveled in your Beauty~

Pen and brush in tears,
I lost speech, I mumbled this piece,
slowly, exquisitely,
eye resting on you,

Bliss named you,
robed you, traced you,
with every line and curve
your pulse strums

my inner strings,
I vibrate with
every motion you make
in the blue of my orange,

listen, we are an echo
beyond the audible range;
soul intertwined with soul,
every breath

draws me closer;
my heart leaps in joy for
the night has crowned you,
my palace is yours~

© 2011 Touré Aïda

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Wholeness is Holiness

Bismillah, time is a strange phenomenon, it rhythms the cycles of my daily contemplations yet beyond this I often lose track of it and truly I don’t mind… The soul has Love to tend to, it is Work! There is only energy for the glories of Surrender and verily here, we’re all just passing by… so the business of deepening oneself is primordial so that one may near the Presence now.

I’d rather mind the language of brushstrokes, of tenderness, of subtleties, of divine scents and words and knowing that I have much to uncover about Love, Light and the delicate veil placed between both before we spiraled down to this dense dimension; left to be fragmented by man-made conditioning. I say dissolve this excessive materialism that has caused such ego-wretchedness in us, let us leave ourselves to be in the inner company of the prophets (as); in learning to leave oneself, we leave the world and become whole~ Wholeness is Holiness, now it is majesty! To meet another being in this state renders Love exquisite, yet it takes innocence, pure intention to manifest such bliss between a woman and a man. Ordinary romantic encounters pale in comparison to the gathering of two souls who are individually whole first. This higher love is rare and can only occur with the grace of The Divine and the spiritual refinement of the two souls involved~

I know now that there are no limits to Love, even in this world, except the ones we subject ourselves to, yet in truth the soul belongs to The Divine~ so expansion is the Way, infinity is the experience the soul cultivates so let us polish ourselves, let us feel deeply and be shameless about it, that’s what Beauty does: it renders one free for, in the flirting with Beauty one knows s/he is looked after unconditionally, that sort of nurturing is a constant caress upon one’s being, how delightful to wallow such intimacy. Love always nears love in all ways, it’s a garden of unending delights and the Heart derives the highest pleasure from it. Love mirrors itself in other forms, that is all there is~ Allahu Akbar.

© 2011 Aïda Touré

Oil Painting · Spiritual Art · Visual Arts

Tehuti’s Gems

Tehuti's Gems © 2011Aïda Touré

Peace~ I just released “Tehuti’s Gems”, one of my newest paintings on visualsufipoetry.com. “Tehuti’s Gems” is part of the series “Luminous Dark Matter” which celebrates the primordial role of the feminine principle in spirituality. This role has been at the center of the sages’ mission on Earth for eons, this is why the prophets (as) as well as highly advanced civilizations, have always revered the feminine principle.

I think the masculine principle is as important as the feminine yet because we live in a time where the feminine has been so repressed, with a lack of consideration for its sacredness, my goal in developing this series relates to Balance, to Origin and most of all to the divine attribute of Mercy.

I recently did an interview where I reveal for the first time the purpose for the “Luminous Dark Matter” series. In time, I will have more to say about its spiritual octave, inshAllah.

© 2011 Aïda Touré