Tehuti’s Gems

Tehuti's Gems © 2011Aïda Touré

Peace~ I just released “Tehuti’s Gems”, one of my newest paintings on visualsufipoetry.com. “Tehuti’s Gems” is part of the series “Luminous Dark Matter” which celebrates the primordial role of the feminine principle in spirituality. This role has been at the center of the sages’ mission on Earth for eons, this is why the prophets (as) as well as highly advanced civilizations, have always revered the feminine principle.

I think the masculine principle is as important as the feminine yet because we live in a time where the feminine has been so repressed, with a lack of consideration for its sacredness, my goal in developing this series relates to Balance, to Origin and most of all to the divine attribute of Mercy.

I recently did an interview where I reveal for the first time the purpose for the “Luminous Dark Matter” series. In time, I will have more to say about its spiritual octave, inshAllah.

© 2011 Aïda Touré


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