Blue of My Orange

Blue of my Orange © 2011 Touré Aïda

On the Nur plane,
the presence of you
has a sura-like feel
to my ear.

You, lover of S/He
I sought you within;
silently, patiently,
I reveled in your Beauty~

Pen and brush in tears,
I lost speech, I mumbled this piece,
slowly, exquisitely,
eye resting on you,

Bliss named you,
robed you, traced you,
with every line and curve
your pulse strums

my inner strings,
I vibrate with
every motion you make
in the blue of my orange,

listen, we are an echo
beyond the audible range;
soul intertwined with soul,
every breath

draws me closer;
my heart leaps in joy for
the night has crowned you,
my palace is yours~

© 2011 Touré Aïda



Filed under Poesie Soufie, Spiritual Art, Spirituality, Sufi Poetry, Sufism, Tasawwuf, the prophets (as)

2 responses to “Blue of My Orange

  1. What a beautiful love letter… And how terribly indiscrete!

    Continue to write, aida. And continue to add colour to the world that often calls Him but forgets that He is the Lord of All Colours.


  2. Salam Taufiq, long time brother, hope you are well. I love what you said: “The Lord of All Colors” indeed~

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