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Night of Beauties (the painting)

"Night of Beauties" © 2011 Aida Toure

For a change I went to sleep early this evening so I could wake up at 2am and stay up until Fajr and make the most of the Night.

Al hamdulillah, I just completed Night of Beauties that I’m really grateful for. For some reason once I achieve a piece it’s like been given permission to vanish and dissolve in Peace. This painting has a particularity I hold dear because it developed during Nighttime only, which is truly the time for the prostrated…

I did this painting for a private collector, it is an 18″x24″ size so I worked on it for about seven weeks, which seems not like a lot compared to the new 30″x40″ size I’ve been working on and which requires months to complete. I must say that patience is primordial when it comes to the oil medium, it’s great because it allows time to see the painting unfold and to gear it in the direction that resonates best.

There are so many ways to explain Night of Beauties that I can’t even begin to do so because its symbolic that has to do with embodiment as well as the spacial envelope around all inclines me to Silence for now. To see the entire painting and the poem that inspired it, you may click here.

© 2011 Aida Toure

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Of the Heart

painting with my nephew © 2011 Aïda Touré

Bismillah, endeavors undertaken from the heart resonate beyond time and space for within the heart The Divine reigns~ Working from this realm renders life’s purpose magnificent as the lover lives in harmony with her/his Source which is truly the cause of all Beauty, Wisdom and sublime attributes.

The so-called knowledge that transpires from entire lifetimes of books study can never equate authentic Knowledge attained by the one who is attuned to the heart and who does not discuss nor debate for s/he who knows observes quietude. With this unconventional attitude the sage confounds the intellectual who is very talkative as he still seeks to know.

Love has expanded the breast of the mystic therefore s/he has learned to surrender the limits of the intellect to the Infinity of the heart therefore Wisdom has revealed itself to her/him. Only inward cultivation of Light can open one to such a state, this glorious opening usually inclines one to silence, catalyst to the greatest form of teaching and Knowledge. Similarly, when a deep love flows between beings, they barely speak, as words become superfluous for them, they communicate in a divine way, drawing truths from the fountain of Knowledge the heart contains. In humility, they revel in the Light: this revelry is beyond verbal expression and in this state occurs the highest form of activity…

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Celestial Lamp Metaphor

Celestial Lamp © 2011 Aïda Touré

Bismillah, I’ve been doing something that I have always enjoyed doing from childhood: Sky watching~

Today I saw a celestial metaphor that amazed me. There were layers of clouds with different tones that seemed to hide the Sun from an instant to the next, and a delicate silver lining that traced the periphery of the bottom cloud~ I know it must seem ordinary to some but I had never seen anything quite like it before. It was magical, with the soft movements of the clouds, a dance orchestrated with the most perfect rhythm it seemed… The metaphor related of our constitution and the way we function, the clouds were the different layers we are made of and the Sun was the inner Lamp that shines its light forth beyond our will, whether we are clear or wear masks, whether we’re sincere or deceitful, the Lamp still does its work, like the Sun it’s lit up always even when we don’t see it. The Lamp minds the overall being, it serves and everything it does is for its nurturing, its evolution, its convergence toward Divine Centering~

Longing fills this journey with joy and difficulty yet the soul, faithful, remains fixed on the directives of her Beloved, Divine like the Breath S/He instilled that moment they “parted” for a time… The Beloved is “here” in the formless form of a gift that is closer than close. She breathes S/He, soul that is, the majestic she that sees herself into everything, known, unknown… in Unity~Tawhid.

© 2011 Aïda Touré

"Celestial Lamp" © 2011 Aïda Touré
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Amongst True Friends

"Surrender" © 2011 Aïda Touré

Silence is the style of conversation the soul knows for its perfection is spoken only amongst true friends~

Thoughts form to harmonize with Truth yet the ego tends to manipulate its waves and conceal that which does not reflect the Heart, its quietness, its unconditional Love … One who is silent develops the very sincerity of pre-cosmic thoughts, they, by nature luminous, weave universes expanding with Divine Harmony~ You see cosmic expansion occurs in everything we see and do not see~ Yet do we contribute to it or exclude ourselves from it by yielding to the ego’s boisterous tumults? Spiritual Evolution or Un~Evolution, regressing while we age, I cringe to the enunciation of this fate~

Silence is the style of conversation the soul knows for its perfection is spoken only amongst true friends~

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Closing One’s Eyes to the World

Have a blessed Ramadan~ for a month, eyes will close so the self grows more aware of the breath’s nourishment. The material dimension loses its grip on the soul that seeks to be with the Presence~ to be beyond all that is not, la ilaha illa Allah!  Colors, scents, suras will be nutrients to the selfless self that dances with the prophets (as). We embrace the suffering of all children who starve just because some adults stole from them, we are with them, immersed with the humility that crowns innocent sufferers. The sweetness of Returning supersedes the one of not owning anything~ We are Poor for the sake of True Wealth: bismillah, my love, the Moon is out, come sit at our table, the feast of Light is starting tonight!

© 2011 Aïda Touré

“Allah ta‘ala, Almighty God, created the food for each being 70,000 years before it was created. There is no one other than Allah who can feed His creations. This truth was told by Allah to His prophets, and thus to all people. Any man who has the faith to absolutely accept this truth will not covet or plunder the wealth or nourishment allotted to another, either in this world or the next. Why? Because he will understand that each creation has already been given his own share of the treasure of all three worlds: the world of the souls, this world, and the next world. There are some men, however, who will steal the wealth, home, and food allotted to others. This quality of stealing exists only in man and not in animals. In the qalb, or inner heart, of man are craving, avarice, selfishness, pride, conceit, and countless such evil and base desires.” ~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ra)