Closing One’s Eyes to the World

Have a blessed Ramadan~ for a month, eyes will close so the self grows more aware of the breath’s nourishment. The material dimension loses its grip on the soul that seeks to be with the Presence~ to be beyond all that is not, la ilaha illa Allah!  Colors, scents, suras will be nutrients to the selfless self that dances with the prophets (as). We embrace the suffering of all children who starve just because some adults stole from them, we are with them, immersed with the humility that crowns innocent sufferers. The sweetness of Returning supersedes the one of not owning anything~ We are Poor for the sake of True Wealth: bismillah, my love, the Moon is out, come sit at our table, the feast of Light is starting tonight!

© 2011 Aïda Touré

“Allah ta‘ala, Almighty God, created the food for each being 70,000 years before it was created. There is no one other than Allah who can feed His creations. This truth was told by Allah to His prophets, and thus to all people. Any man who has the faith to absolutely accept this truth will not covet or plunder the wealth or nourishment allotted to another, either in this world or the next. Why? Because he will understand that each creation has already been given his own share of the treasure of all three worlds: the world of the souls, this world, and the next world. There are some men, however, who will steal the wealth, home, and food allotted to others. This quality of stealing exists only in man and not in animals. In the qalb, or inner heart, of man are craving, avarice, selfishness, pride, conceit, and countless such evil and base desires.” ~Bawa Muhaiyaddeen (ra)


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