Alchemy of Colors

© 2011 Aïda Touré

A flash: my palette and paint tubes near my feet, a couple of brushstrokes’ motions envisioned, the smoothness of brush upon canvas and my heart tears open: in this state I can paint for what seems like hours, exploring nuances of the same or different colors, it is rapture~

I realized the alchemy of colors as a child, the healing property of each, their language, their secret keys and what they unlock when found. Colors are musical, they burst out of our interaction with the Sun, they constantly dance with the Star and once we understand them, we can work with them to celebrate the symphony of Life which is audible to those of fine feeling. I have seen colors being used to trigger angst in the viewer, many artists do this: they use art to sort of unload their negative emotions in it and when the viewer lays her/his eyes on the piece, the angst, the torment and depression of the artist is transmitted to her/him. I went to a museum long ago in NY and walked out discouraged to visit again, the majority of paintings by the great masters I saw conveyed this type of energy, the paleness and chaotic movements of colors suggest inner chaos, depression, angst, the very state they might have been in when conceiving the work. The audience who then receives the work also receives these energies, they absorb them.

I spoke about this before, and it is one of the reasons why I only look at artistic works that have a certain spiritual quality which shows regard for aesthetics and the inner harmony of the viewer. The effect of colors is extremely powerful, so their purpose is sacred to me. Depending on the way we use them they can enliven, uplift and stir the viewer to attune to one’s soul Paradise, they can deeply transform in that way or they can trigger the opposite in us~ so how great is the artists’ responsibility when s/he creates!

© 2011 Aïda Touré


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