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varnishing “Fragrance of Light” © 2007-2011 Aïda Touré

Bismillah, there is deep passion in one who savours repose of mind, slowing down, a necessity for artistic activity to evolve however it breathes, wherever it begins, it is only from Stillness that beauty reveals itself; the tremendously graceful ones have beheld it so they stopped speaking much, elaborations and noise left their lives, their surroundings, their very bodies. These beings left themselves to just be not-being~ Here, the very whisper in my ear…

I look at my canvases, scattered across the room, learning new lessons from formlessness and fluidity and how they are the sublimation of materiality, so they’re really one. Learn to walk the iridescence that bridges them, have no fear~ I realize these paintings didn’t have to be materialized, it is just the outcome of exuberance, some personal longing to be surrounded with beauty now fulfilled…

Yesterday I reflected on all that’s left for me to do and the fact that I only paint when I’m inspired~ Amid it all if I stopped painting, I’d be okay with it because it came so generously so if the impulse to crystallize it ceased, I’d bow, the grandest bow ever~ it’s part of the glory of Life…What would be next is the past, look to your origin: the primordial light, you will be that again, inshAllah, the deepest bliss you ever experienced! Before it, everything pales when compared. I think I should stop here now but…

In the meantime, these shapes dance loud and clear and glide on my fingertips in some outward movement toward you so I execute what I’m commanded to do until we fully become love and kindness anew~

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Love is Spacious

A love that is limited to the five senses is bound to fade as its seeming synchronicity is only a mirage. Once this mirage dissipates the disharmony that was clouded by desire and pleasure shows its face, it is a sight that is unbearable to most lovers so that makes them break apart, no wonder the divorce rate is so high.

True love surpasses the experiences of the five senses which are but vehicles meant to offer glimpses of the soul, without this knowing, lovers vibrate on a coarse physical level which can never bring authentic fulfillment, this is why many go from one partner to the next, ever seeking that which will fulfill them but in vain and this cycle goes on and on and eventually it causes unrest to the inner being, outwardly manifested as pain, insecurity, fear, agitation. It takes work to learn to break this cycle, to detach from it and delve deeper into oneself to finally attune to a love that breathes spirituality, the only kind of love that can endure.

Such a love is spacious, it is presence, it gives and brings calm because it is a tender, profound interaction between souls that look upon the other as a reflection of one’s innate and still unknown attributes that are necessary to experience for this evolutionary process called life. This kind of love is undisturbed, it is not based on status, convenience, physicality nor ego considerations, this love is rare, it is a gift, it is true wealth, it is the corridor to the Divine in this life and in the hereafter~

© 2011 Aïda Touré

social justice

Ego & Greed Confronted

OccupyWallStreet art

Tonight I took a walk through Zuccotti Park where the occupywallst protest is taking place. I saw young people in sleeping bags laying on the floor, artists painting, people in a circle meditating in the obscurity of the night, I got goosebumps seeing all this because these youths represent the majority of the planet who is demanding more equality, more justice, more peace, more integrity, more compassion and service from the institutions… it was an eery experience for me to read their signs and see them laying there, surrounded by the powerful energy of sacrifice, it truly is something that I’ve never seen before yet it renders tangible a phenomenon I have addressed in recent interviews: when people feel excluded and not listened to it leads to serious crisis so it would be wiser for the elitists to lend an ear and pay attention to what’s happening now.

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The Dance Everyone Does

Soninké Symphony © 2011 Aïda Touré

Love calls the soul to itself! “Come to me” is inscribed like a cosmic sentence on all that exists. The soul, consumed by its longing for such intimacy draws closer and closer, through the acts of expansion and contraction that both are contained in the breath. There is the dance everyone does, knowingly or not; this is the deep love we are subjected to, how many can actually see its  immense beauty? Its lights switching places every second that passes as they enwrap the loneliness orchestrated by the ego. We are lovers in this unending grandiose attraction movement that pervades the galaxies, we were meant for this continual breaking free, this cosmic blossoming~ In all desires, there is this pull imbuing the soul, manifesting as coarse or refined impulse depending on our evolutionary degree. Everything one does revolves around this attraction, fulfilled or not, it is always there, magnifying, intensifying… it is in this act that the soul encounters its own contemplation, creativity, compassion and the manifestation of vertiginous gentleness, the mirroring of Ar-Rahman’s attribute~

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Omraam on Poetry

"true poetry is beyond intellectualism" ~Aida.

“You like poetry: you read poems and perhaps you even write them. This is fine; continue to do so, but know that true poetry is not found in literature. True poetry is a quality of the inner life, and you will not understand what true poetry is until the day you harmonise your inner life with the images, the rhythms, and the melodies of the world of the soul and spirit. Those who truly love poetry understand that it must begin within themselves: that they must endeavor to think, feel, and act poetically while maintaining clear and luminous states of consciousness. It is in such states of consciousness that true poetry is created: the poet is inspired, he feels as if a current is flowing through him, because inwardly he is connected to the world of harmony. He must do everything possible to keep himself in these higher realms of consciousness.”

~Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov