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Omraam on Poetry

"true poetry is beyond intellectualism" ~Aida.

“You like poetry: you read poems and perhaps you even write them. This is fine; continue to do so, but know that true poetry is not found in literature. True poetry is a quality of the inner life, and you will not understand what true poetry is until the day you harmonise your inner life with the images, the rhythms, and the melodies of the world of the soul and spirit. Those who truly love poetry understand that it must begin within themselves: that they must endeavor to think, feel, and act poetically while maintaining clear and luminous states of consciousness. It is in such states of consciousness that true poetry is created: the poet is inspired, he feels as if a current is flowing through him, because inwardly he is connected to the world of harmony. He must do everything possible to keep himself in these higher realms of consciousness.”

~Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

One thought on “Omraam on Poetry

  1. We do not disagree. We are in agreement. What a lovely description! Who says poetry is easy and for the lazy! Poetry is work and endeavour in the very best of the human spirit. Madad ya Saidi.

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