The Dance Everyone Does

Soninké Symphony © 2011 Aïda Touré

Love calls the soul to itself! “Come to me” is inscribed like a cosmic sentence on all that exists. The soul, consumed by its longing for such intimacy draws closer and closer, through the acts of expansion and contraction that both are contained in the breath. There is the dance everyone does, knowingly or not; this is the deep love we are subjected to, how many can actually see its  immense beauty? Its lights switching places every second that passes as they enwrap the loneliness orchestrated by the ego. We are lovers in this unending grandiose attraction movement that pervades the galaxies, we were meant for this continual breaking free, this cosmic blossoming~ In all desires, there is this pull imbuing the soul, manifesting as coarse or refined impulse depending on our evolutionary degree. Everything one does revolves around this attraction, fulfilled or not, it is always there, magnifying, intensifying… it is in this act that the soul encounters its own contemplation, creativity, compassion and the manifestation of vertiginous gentleness, the mirroring of Ar-Rahman’s attribute~

© 2011 Aïda Touré


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