social justice

Ego & Greed Confronted

OccupyWallStreet art

Tonight I took a walk through Zuccotti Park where the occupywallst protest is taking place. I saw young people in sleeping bags laying on the floor, artists painting, people in a circle meditating in the obscurity of the night, I got goosebumps seeing all this because these youths represent the majority of the planet who is demanding more equality, more justice, more peace, more integrity, more compassion and service from the institutions… it was an eery experience for me to read their signs and see them laying there, surrounded by the powerful energy of sacrifice, it truly is something that I’ve never seen before yet it renders tangible a phenomenon I have addressed in recent interviews: when people feel excluded and not listened to it leads to serious crisis so it would be wiser for the elitists to lend an ear and pay attention to what’s happening now.


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