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Love is Spacious

A love that is limited to the five senses is bound to fade as its seeming synchronicity is only a mirage. Once this mirage dissipates the disharmony that was clouded by desire and pleasure shows its face, it is a sight that is unbearable to most lovers so that makes them break apart, no wonder the divorce rate is so high.

True love surpasses the experiences of the five senses which are but vehicles meant to offer glimpses of the soul, without this knowing, lovers vibrate on a coarse physical level which can never bring authentic fulfillment, this is why many go from one partner to the next, ever seeking that which will fulfill them but in vain and this cycle goes on and on and eventually it causes unrest to the inner being, outwardly manifested as pain, insecurity, fear, agitation. It takes work to learn to break this cycle, to detach from it and delve deeper into oneself to finally attune to a love that breathes spirituality, the only kind of love that can endure.

Such a love is spacious, it is presence, it gives and brings calm because it is a tender, profound interaction between souls that look upon the other as a reflection of one’s innate and still unknown attributes that are necessary to experience for this evolutionary process called life. This kind of love is undisturbed, it is not based on status, convenience, physicality nor ego considerations, this love is rare, it is a gift, it is true wealth, it is the corridor to the Divine in this life and in the hereafter~

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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