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varnishing “Fragrance of Light” © 2007-2011 Aïda Touré

Bismillah, there is deep passion in one who savours repose of mind, slowing down, a necessity for artistic activity to evolve however it breathes, wherever it begins, it is only from Stillness that beauty reveals itself; the tremendously graceful ones have beheld it so they stopped speaking much, elaborations and noise left their lives, their surroundings, their very bodies. These beings left themselves to just be not-being~ Here, the very whisper in my ear…

I look at my canvases, scattered across the room, learning new lessons from formlessness and fluidity and how they are the sublimation of materiality, so they’re really one. Learn to walk the iridescence that bridges them, have no fear~ I realize these paintings didn’t have to be materialized, it is just the outcome of exuberance, some personal longing to be surrounded with beauty now fulfilled…

Yesterday I reflected on all that’s left for me to do and the fact that I only paint when I’m inspired~ Amid it all if I stopped painting, I’d be okay with it because it came so generously so if the impulse to crystallize it ceased, I’d bow, the grandest bow ever~ it’s part of the glory of Life…What would be next is the past, look to your origin: the primordial light, you will be that again, inshAllah, the deepest bliss you ever experienced! Before it, everything pales when compared. I think I should stop here now but…

In the meantime, these shapes dance loud and clear and glide on my fingertips in some outward movement toward you so I execute what I’m commanded to do until we fully become love and kindness anew~

© 2011 Aïda Touré


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