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Spiritual Creativity

© 2011 Aïda Touré

Peace in~ I just finished a new painting that came alive in my dream~ I will be releasing it in a few days. Recently I’ve received correspondences from people who ask for advice because they feel the urge to take upon painting. I honor these exchanges because what they feel represent crucial moments in their lives; as those who have been following this journey with me know my artistic endeavors are the outcome of such an impulse. Thus I’m always glad when the creative paradigm expands in more and more lives… I derive great pleasure from seeing creatives attune to their inner voice and share the virtues of colors, intuition, music, aesthetics, poetry, fine emotions and all the magnificent realities born of Inspiration~

Creativity is the manifestation of Surrender, it takes detachment to fully live it out and as such it is a sacred experience which transcends the mundane considerations associated with it. In many ways, spiritual creativity makes the subject of it shun attention and applauses, it makes them inclined to moments of reclusion because the process of inspiration requires them to. They have no expectation, they just surrender to what comes and let it exist as is; it’s all about the impulse that throbs and flows through, it’s a blissful dance. Such an elusive occurrence demands reverence, humility, emptiness before what’s divine; it requires deep harmony with one’s soul’s position which is a feminine one, there is nothing more graceful and noble than that!

© 2011 Aïda Touré

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Drenched in Color

Trials have a way of centering us, and then the Peace that follows is almost surreal, celestial~ Al hamdulillah I’ve been drenched in color during the past couple of weeks so I wrote many poems, enough to compile them in another new book inshAllah~

Today I just wanted to share with my readers one of the most beautiful compositions I ever heard. I discovered it while watching Yi San, a Korean historical drama that I immensely enjoyed for its deep emotions and lessons on true nobility, virtue and wisdom.

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Pulse Undefined

© 2010 Aïda Touré

Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’un.
Pulse undefined,
on a promenade outside
of the confine it used to be in,
now seeing everywhere,
infinitely open to Love,
untying the knot that slipped
in this string theory
turned to fact
as it travels at last,
weightless, toward Hu~
may its journey be smooth,
may it find all the mercy
no one could feel for it,
every breath was aching,
but no more, no more.
For the sake of the ReUnion
that completes
and that finally heals,
let it be all-embracing,
let it be whole, free,
so beautiful to the 7th sense
I shed tears in its resonance,
in its sublime company,
in its Life that is just beginning;
for the very first time,
pulse undefined~

© 2011 Aïda Touré