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Kiss of Your Presence

“Sweet Melting” © 2011 Aïda Touré

~ Kiss of Your Presence ~

I’m a golden candle
that slowly, slowly burns
in the kiss of your Presence~
This sweet melting,
this tender burning
has paved the way
for some grace,
so musical and divine
the heart breaks open
amid its sobbing beauty~
so vibrant it screams:
“come, become me!”
Lo! My heart lands in your palm,
spinning and spinning
with quiet force,
longing and union is one;
see, the healer is healed by Love~
I can’t say more…
Will you finish this for me,
in the secret language
only you and I speak?

© 2012 Aïda Touré

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Painter Augustin Lesage (1876-1954)

My mother just introduced me to french painter Augustin Lesage’s work she said she thought of me when she found out about the way painting came to him. I had never heard of him before until she told me about a documentary on his life she saw, she was fascinated by his unconventional creative process: one day he heard a voice that told him to take on painting, this voice guided him as to what to do in details. His paintings are huge, highly detailed, colorful and they capture spiritual messages that baffled academics and scientists! I was really happy to learn about him and to discover his intricate beautiful paintings in which I can see cosmological representations present in African cultures. I think what he represented is profound and extremely rare so I wanted to share some of his awesome works.

Augustin Lesage Painting


Augustin Lesage painting
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Timelessly yours,
my palms throb
with your scent,
they lean toward you
my sage, my love,
your hair twisted in mine,
our fingers trace
the celestial calligraphy
the air recite~
Our hearts converse
of exquisite tales
the night never witnessed,
we couldn’t help
gazing into each other
for hours, mirroring,
enchanted and chanting:
Light is the Way.
Speechless and moon-like,
I glow in your embrace,
now where is my prayer mat?
Center me again tonight.

© 2012 Aïda Touré

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Until Unity is Realized

Brooklyn Sky

We’re living in a time of great opening so we might as well make the most of it by attuning to our soul’s potential and dissolve all the oppressive fears that interfere with it. Being wide open to love requires harmony with one’s inner feminine principle first, yet fear is the energy that stifles this alignment. All beauty we experience comes from the attributes of this principle which is primordial: Mercy precedes all other attributes so this primal manifestation opens the way to life itself.

From observing our world what it misses the most is love: poverty, wars, greed, destruction of Nature, violence occur because of this lack of love cultivation so in order for it to manifest we must be open, clear, even empty and not so frightened. As long as the chaotic fears from the ego are present they interfere with the love the soul bears, this interference imbalances and ruins nations, relationships and all interactions which were intended to be of divine nature. When we finally meet this sacred purpose where exchanges occur for our collective enrichment and evolution, everything that is disharmonious around us will drastically transform as well but first this transformation has to occur within the individual and this is what love does, it gathers until Unity is realized.

I can’t fathom approaching love with anything other than this sacred purpose which is all-pervasive in the Universe yet we seem so far away from awareness of this Reality! Since the soul is the breath of the Divine, it takes great awareness and care to be able to deal with one’s soul and even more so another soul. That is how deep love is, yet collectively we are far from achieving such regard for our inner being when I see the cruelty of politicians and bureaucrates, their recklessness, their greed, their drive to oppress, to cause harm and chaos while claiming to be “leaders” of this world, and this scheme continues to occur when mankind has clearly voiced its concern for global evolution of these corrupt political systems, this concern now is the priority for the planetary majority.

Amid pauses of long silence and work, the one thing I enjoy the most is expressing my heart wholeheartedly, I have no restraint when it comes to it no matter how uncelebrated it may be in general, the dimension of the heart will become more and more pronounced in time so balance may be reached beyond the current ego-driven frequency. With every breath taken we draw closer to the last breath so Life is beautiful, short and precious~ The realities from the heart is what vibrates for ever, it’s all we leave behind when the veil of physicality lifts so every second of the heart’s Life must be savored and shared for the sake of the Divine, for the Heart within our hearts.

© 2012 Aïda Touré