Painter Augustin Lesage (1876-1954)

My mother just introduced me to french painter Augustin Lesage’s work she said she thought of me when she found out about the way painting came to him. I had never heard of him before until she told me about a documentary on his life she saw, she was fascinated by his unconventional creative process: one day he heard a voice that told him to take on painting, this voice guided him as to what to do in details. His paintings are huge, highly detailed, colorful and they capture spiritual messages that baffled academics and scientists! I was really happy to learn about him and to discover his intricate beautiful paintings in which I can see cosmological representations present in African cultures. I think what he represented is profound and extremely rare so I wanted to share some of his awesome works.

Augustin Lesage Painting


Augustin Lesage painting


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  1. Truly a beautiful piece of work.

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