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Prelude to Majesty (the painting)

Peace all ways~ I just published one of my newest 40″x30″ paintings “Prelude to Majesty”. I was exposed to fascinating scenes while working on it. The creative process of this painting inwardly took me back to my land Mali with its Sufi saints from past centuries whose erudition has given rise to wonders to this day. “Prelude to Majesty” can be viewed here. The verses below are extracted from its poem of the same title:

“Do you see the veil lifting? 
Love speaks with no mouth,
we are interwoven with the signs
laid around us like sublime kisses…” 

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working on Prelude to Majesty © 2012 Aida Toure

4 thoughts on “Prelude to Majesty (the painting)

  1. Just wondering, when you paint do you plan what you’re going to paint or does it just come to you as you go along? I don’t paint but I write a lot without planning-and the words just flow into my head from nowhere…just wondering if anyone else has this experience.

  2. Peace~ what you just described of your writing experience is what makes creativity and inspiration beautiful, when it just comes effortlessly… I relate to that.

  3. What a beautiful picture! I could be working for a long time to take in all those elements – the red hats, the swirling blue sky, the strong trunk and that mushrooming cloud of foliage. Thanks.

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