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Love Blossoms Where There is Nothing

Blossoms in my backyard © 2012 Toure'

There can be no extraordinary love between two as long as one has not emptied herself/himself and worked toward alignment with one’s own inner being, this entails unconditional soul-love and opening to the truth dimension of one’s existence. When one’s inner being remains partially or completely unacknowledged, thus un~nurtured by the individual, the ego still reigns so there can be no pulling toward a truly spiritual union with another.

Whenever the individual exists in harmony with her/his spiritual being, there are obvious signs of that grace: peacefulness, loving energy, mastery of one’s desires, compassion, subtlety, generous presence, sensitivity to life, detachment, harmonious gestures, refinement, calm gaze and hands. In truth the fine feeling soul can not be pulled to companionship with another unless these subtle traits are pronounced in one. When these attributes are not present, the opposite brutish ego tendencies are dominant which implies that companionship in that case can in time act as a destructive force that stifles the one of fine feeling; it’s draining and harmful to the deep feeling soul. This is why throughout the ages, many mystics mostly have led a solitary life so that they could fully honor their purpose without any interference caused by the excessively carnal, possessive type of intimacy that could not enhance who they are but rather would tie them down to lower frequencies. These types of union that lack awareness must be avoided for the wise one.

True Love hangs unto the one whose ego has dissolved~ s/he is a vessel through which ecstasies flow, such a gentle being channels these ethereal scents that perfume all that is; his/her alignment with the soul is a mirror for all to gaze into. S/he is refined, pure like the very spirit that has become breath in you. Such a presence is a kiss~ it offers love with contentment and spaciousness for s/he knows her/his primal Lover is in you too! This high degree of Love is an elixir that lits all fibers of your being, subtle and beyond grasp yet it enwraps and gathers in the Center… Know this love, become it and uncover your quintessential being~

© 2012 Aïda Touré

“Earthly love that reaches not past the beloved to embrace divinity is not real love at all. It is ego-worship, selfish because rooted in desire. True love emanates from God. Only hearts that have been purified by self-expansion can embrace the fullness of that love. In expansion, the heart’s feelings become channels through which God’s love flows out to all the world.” ~Paramahansa Yogananda (ra)