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Nocturnal Light: Sufi Poems

Nocturnal Light

Peace, these past few months I have received inquiries about my book of poems “Nocturnal Light” so I wanted to let everyone know its second edition is now available on amazon. “Nocturnal Light” is a collection of Sufi poems composed at nighttime, each piece transcribes the heart’s exquisite conversation with its Beloved~ I wrote and first released it years ago, it was such a profound journey that after completing it, I needed to retreat a bit from writing and it is during that hiatus that I started painting…

Since that time, I have completed more books of Sufi poetry that I will progressively release in due time, inshAllah~

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Martyred Children Laments

For the children of Gabon who have been slaughtered in ritual crimes.

Martyred Children Laments © 2005 Aida Toure'

I painted “Martyred Children Laments” in 2005 to protest against the atrocious practice of human sacrifices in Gabon. Dedicated to all the precious children who have been slaughtered in these horrendous ritual crimes.

~Martyred Children Lament~

Child, O child,
you are a gift
from the Divine!

They coveted your light
with their ambition
for obscure ascension.

Atrociously, they preyed
on you: there is no power
to gain in such sacrifice,

One who unjustly takes a life
kills all of humankind.
Child, O child,

now bodiless, weightless,
you circle around
the sublime Throne;

soul singing His praises
as Djibreel wipes
your tears away.

©2005-2012 Aida Toure’