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Glimpses of the Divine Re~Union


We feel alone because of the “parting” that occurred when we embodied in this dense dimension to experience the human journey.

Many beings of refined feeling know something always seems to be missing in this world, they don’t feel at “home” and the Longing never seems to permanently cease until they find themselves in the Divine Presence again: “And We shall remove from their hearts any lurking sense of injury;- beneath them will be rivers flowing; and they shall say: “Praise be to Allah, who hath guided us to this felicity.” (~7:43 Quran) it is this quintessential Longing with the suffering it triggered while on earth which is referred to and removed there.

Living here implies “living diminished”, living “deprived” of the most sublime Love our soul has ever known so with such a great Love lost we can only feel alone, that aloneness is attenuated and magnified with the experiences we go through throughout life. Now by The Divine’s mercy, we do get glimpses of the divine Re~Union with this Love by moments, or all the time, it depends on our degree of consciousness as well as our capacity to attune to our soul’s immersion in Primordial Bliss… If this capacity is not yet awaken in us, then our Longing can manifest in great distress and even torment in us.

All longings are extensions of that one Longing, including the attraction we feel towards Beauty, Nature, Arts, Pleasure, other beings etc… the love pulling between beings occurs because only another human being can tangibly mirror you, everyone needs a mirror to be able to visualize her/his own self, her/his attainments as well as the innate attributes we have yet to manifest and become aware of. Only a being in another form can reflect this and once we are exposed to this reflection it helps us work on whatever aspects of our being we need to develop…

Love really is for evolutionary purposes. If no one reflects you, you feel alone as certain aspects of your being such as the cosmos you contain remain “hidden” from you, it’s lonely~ In love, the mirror phenomenon is a gift, we can’t force it or make it be, it happens or it does not, indeed it is a gift!

© 2012 Aida Toure’