Light Dream

3″x6″ wearable painting “Light Dream” © 2012 Aïda Touré

I am Nameless,
like the currents
that constitute your presence,
let us be the Light Dream
S/He softly blew inside us;
Love is a whisper,
the subtlest of dances~

© 2012 Aïda Touré

This wearable painting is an all hand-made cuff bracelet, it is available here.



Filed under Spiritual Art, Spirituality, Sufi Poetry, Sufism, Visual Arts, Wearable paintings

2 responses to “Light Dream

  1. I came across your blog a minute ago. Looking at the last two posts, I feel our connection already. I also refer to the Beloved more now with S/He. I started doing it a while back and it is wonderful to see others are also.

    I hope its ok to add your blog to my blogroll. I will also add you to my Google Reader and insha’Ala I will be able to read more of your blog in the near future.

    Salaam & Namaste

  2. Welcome, your blog looks beautiful~ thanks for connecting!

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