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All Notions of Space Vanish

There is a Love dimension the soul wanders, unceasingly, without any outside interference, without any of the restless currents  the widespread mundane mindset mistakenly presents as Love, yet it is not. Love does not disturb, it does not seek to capture nor to own, Love is vast, it looks upon another as an extension of itself from a sublime angle that only the consummate lover knows and understands. In that station, all notions of space vanish, all bounds dissolve; wherever one is, gentleness becomes the sole atmosphere there is, it is lavish too! It rotates around you, within you, with some tender energy that mirrors the Spheres’.

Such a sacred experience that drowns the outside world’s noise is a glorious ongoing Revelation, similar to the Sun, it heals so it is the kind of cultivation we should acknowledge and echo. As rare and precious as it is, it offers itself beyond language, beyond form and beyond all human considerations…

© 2008-2012 Aïda Touré

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The First Realm (the painting)

The First Realm 40″x30″ oil on canvas © 2012 Aïda Touré

Peace~ I just released a new 40″x30″ oil painting “The First Realm” which is the most important one I ever did because I had to reflect on the theme for a while before I could even start working on it, so I’m happy to have completed it al hamdulillah. “The First Realm” celebrates the soul in her pre-cosmic state, her fragrant attributes as well as the vibrancy of her love for the Beloved. You may see the entire painting here.

~ The First Realm ~

“…Lo! There are the celestial symbolic
that the Moor mystics inscribed
upon the scintillating waves
of the two Easts…” (read more)

© 2012 Aïda Touré