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Love is a Shattering Beauty

Photo by David Jubert
Photo by David Jubert

One of the subjects that constantly pours forth here is Love~ For adults who have already been weighed down by the burdens of this world, it takes great mastery to succeed in dusting off the inner mirror so that the heart and outward actions clearly reflect the rays of pure intention that originally permeated it.

Rare are those who approach the object of Love the proper way so their uninviting energy always shows through the same symptoms: contradictions between action and speech, noise, restlessness, reproaches, false assumptions and projections, veiled threats in order to “obtain” reciprocity, possessiveness, unreasonable expectations, all persistently imposed as absolute realities on the object of Love.

Such unfortunate manifestation that masks itself under the term “love” usually is telling of the inner chaos and turmoil of the person who arbors this kind of “love” which is characterized by an inordinate lack of self-control that smothers, pressures the object of Love and that is such an unpleasant and coarse experience that it naturally repulses the fine-feeling soul. This type of “love” actually is immature, unhealthy and eventually destructive.

Love is subtle, peaceful and spacious, it does not force itself on the lover, nor does it disturb, it does not covet, it does not dictate how it is to be experienced, it does not attempt to capture, it is not noisy, unstable, chaotic, draining and reckless. Love is a fragrance that is exquisite, it does not need to proclaim nor agitate itself, nor does it need to scream for the object of Love’s attention for authentic Love is a shattering Beauty whose splendor speaks of itself; it glows in the utmost silence in humility, harmoniously, with purpose without having to outwardly declare nor claim anything, it is Presence and as such no one can resist its soft, inviting grace~ Only those who have mastered their egos and have become whole within can channel such a divine love, which never leads to disappointment since it does not expect, it just effortlessly flows like a river that ever reaches the Cosmic Ocean’s Bliss. Bismillah~

© 2012 Aïda Touré

“Only the Hand of God can remove the burdens of your heart.” ~Rumi